Our calling is to help women who are overcoming addiction, abuse, homelessness, or another life crisis by making their home a place of beauty, inspiration, and healing.


We exist for…

  • the woman finally stepping out of abuse or addiction and finding herself alone and starting over.
  • the woman climbing out of homelessness and starting a new chapter.
  • the single mom who decided to make a better future for her family by escaping negative environments and patterns.
  • the woman with an unexpected heartbeat in her womb and trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together.
  • the woman who survives physical and emotional trauma and gathers courage to rebuild and heal

Now more than ever, she needs her home to be a haven — a space equipped to heal, bring joy, and inspire her toward a better future. But sometimes, she can’t find the money, time, creativity, or courage to do this alone.

Using a trauma-informed approach to home design, we assist women by helping them furnish + decorate their space in a way that eliminates stress triggers and promotes peace and healing within their home.

Why Does This Help?

Simple things like a new rug, a fresh coat of paint, window treatments, artwork, cozy pillows and candles, repainting furniture, or ideas for rearranging her current items can help her take a deep breath of peace when she opens her front door.

A healing and beautiful home can not only reduce stress levels in this season of transition, but can also influence moods and behaviors, as well as help facilitate family interaction.

  • It can give her confidence to raise her kids in a beautiful place.
  • It can help her heal from ugly memories in dark places.
  • It can help inspire her to see the beauty around her, within her, and in her Father God.
  • It can help her celebrate this chapter in her story.

Because ultimately, a hope-filled and beautiful home represents something so much bigger than the items within it — it reflects the beauty and nearness of a good, protective, and generous Father who not only takes care of His children, but blesses them beyond measure.

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