"This was once just a space. Now it is a sanctuary." - [ Ashlee's Story ]

I was arrested at the age of 17 due to inaction during a crime. My inability to deal with my own pain, let alone others’ pain, created a storm that ultimately lead me to spend over 21 years of my life in prison. I wasn’t ever an adult, yet, was treated, in the justice system, as one.

In March 2017, I was released and blessed with my own “space”. While I was extremely grateful for a roof, I felt isolated. I was use to steel and concrete but this was different. How can a plush environment feel cold?

Kaysie with Homes & Havens entered a space and made it a home. For the first time, I felt like I had a home, a real home. Not those unsafe environments from my youth that led me to a callused perception of the world and those around me.  

Kaysie was able to draw from my personality. She could see things that were important to me, things that went beyond materials. She incorporated my spirit. I could feel pieces of my spirituality and general fondness.

What does this beautiful home means to me?

I am now able to feel serenity. That which was once a space is now a sanctuary. Kaysie created a place where I am able to experience peace. I can reflect on my hopes and dreams and work toward accomplishing those goals. I am using my story to help others not to be in the same situations I was in. Ultimately, Kaysie is continuing to help others as well.

Thanks to Kaysie, Homes & Havens, and anyone who is able to help support her dreams of helping others. Your generosity is far reaching.  (Not to mention, I am expecting a baby boy that will grow up with the comfort and security of having a loving home.)