Our vision is for every woman overcoming trauma to have a home that supports her recovery.

Since completing its first home redesign back in 2016, Homes and Havens has helped 120+ women and children affected by trauma find peace through beautiful furniture and home goods using therapeutic “trauma-informed” design. But the work that takes place behind the scenes bears more complexity than one might think.

Instead of relying on the latest trends to inform the design process, the Homes & Havens’ team looks to research that analyzes how environmental factors like color and clutter affect emotional well-being. Though the studies are often conducted with hospitals and rehabilitation centers in mind, our team uses the data to create personalized interior designs that are free of stress-triggers and able to promote healing by inducing tranquility.

Homes & Havens partners with local women's recovery agencies in order to bring that same kind of healing space to recent graduates of their programs. The goal is to complete the transformation while the women are transitioning back into everyday life, when the danger of relapse is often at its highest.

After graduating a rehabilitation program, women may find a job and get a key to an apartment, only to be triggered when they walk into the empty space with no resources — emotionally or financially — to create a home for themselves or their families.

For example, for victims of sex trafficking a barren apartment can often be reminiscent of a pimp's living quarters, which are typically unfurnished, with clothes kept in garbage bags, to allow for easy relocation from one dwelling to another. For those recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, the desolate living conditions may intensify temptation, as coming home to yet another reminder of their struggle to reintegrate into society slowly lessens the appeal of staying sober.

Instead of giving these incredible women a harsh reminder of what their lives once were, the healing spaces that Homes and Havens creates gives them a place to envision what their lives could be. With fully furnished bedrooms set up, some might be able to envision what life might be like if they regained custody of their children. With living areas that exude a feeling of warmth and safety, others may be able to visualize themselves building a life free from domestic abuse.

We're just trying to protect their recovery by rewriting the story of what 'home' means. We believe home is not a place to be abused. Home is a place to recover and heal and dream and keep growing.


Meet The Team


Kaysie Strickland

Founder + Executive Director + Designer

Kaysie has always had an eye for interior design. Since she was a young girl, she loved the process of creating cozy spaces and she’s always had a big heart for helping others. In a previous life, she wanted to be a counselor and in a very creative way, she’s fulfilling that dream today.

To read more about her story, click here.


Debbie Frost

Financial Manager

Equipped with a huge heart for serving women in all walks of life, Debbie brings her extensive financial background to help us manage resources and watch God provide for all the needs that arise. Her calming, wise presence is such a gift to this team.


meg littell

Project Manager

Meg serves as our Project Manager and helps organize a wide range of projects we always have going on! She is creative, passionate, and welcoming, which makes all her work meaningful to this team and the community we serve. She helps oversee the Haven Projects as well as events, furniture donations, and alllllll the shopping and painting!


Elizabeth Oakes

Administrative Assistant (Volunteer)

She’s the kind face that greets you when you walk into our studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Elizabeth has got an incredible work ethic + a kind soul which makes us super thankful for her presence around our office!


Madison Floyd

Special Events + Marketing (Volunteer)

Her spunky aesthetic and tender heart makes Madison an incredible asset to Homes & Havens’ events and online presence. She covers everything in prayer and grace! Her role includes helping oversee the marketing and branding online, as well as managing the special events we have here in our studio.


Cindy Cumbest

Volunteer Manager (Volunteer)

“Mama Cindy” is our cheerleader, connector, and ray of light around the office. She works closely with managing volunteers and inventory to keep us running smoothly. She knows exactly how to make anyone feel welcome and seen.


Our Values

  1. Recovery is a beautiful gift.

  2. All women are seen, loved, and valued.

  3. We believe beauty can be resurrected in any home.

  4. All designs are appropriate and trauma-informed.

  5. Every home helps our client rebuild, heal, find joy.

  6. We care deeply, so we take care to rest and recover.

  7. We embrace creative messes and organize often.

  8. Partnership fuels impact.


Board Members

Tammy Barber (Board Chair)

Brooke Ritterbush (Secretary)

Susan Stein

Patsi Walker

Amber Chastain