The beginning of Homes & Havens started in Kaysie’s home.

Several years ago Kaysie Strickland, the founder of Homes and Havens, and her husband walked through what felt like a severe downpour of crisis. It literally affected every square inch of their lives. There were job struggles and losses, defeat and depression, physical illnesses and attacks from people they trusted, but mostly, they carried with them a deep sense of urgency and stress as they tried everything to prevent addiction and abuse from taking over the lives of the people they loved.

Their lives were in a constant state of emergency and it felt like there was no place to hide or recover. This is when Kaysie decided to take her home seriously and find a space where she could start healing. She began to create a healing space in her home, somewhere she could meet the Lord and mend, somewhere that was beautiful and peaceful –– a place that was untouched by all the brokenness and chaos.

Instead of focusing on trends and styles, Kaysie created a mission statement for their home and centered every design element around those goals. She wanted to heal, she wanted light, she wanted peace, and she wanted comfort –– not only for herself but for their family and friends who would enter the space as well. They didn’t have a lot of money, so she got creative and slowly transformed their home into a therapeutic haven. She was amazed at the daily impact the new space had on her soul.

This experience is why Kaysie’s senses were assaulted when she walked into the home of their loved ones after they finally hit the dark bottom of their addictions. She opened the front door and there was blood on the carpet and walls, lamps were broken, trash was scattered all over the floor, and there was a darkness that hung in the air. Every beautiful thing was broken.

As her loved ones began the long, grace-filled journey of recovery, she realized how important their home environment would be upon their return. Recovery is such a sacred, delicate time in a person’s life and makes people extra sensitive to stress triggers and chaotic environments.

At this moment, Kaysie’s passion for home design and helping people heal collided. “What if we could create a trauma-informed home environment for women in recovery?”

At Homes & Havens, we partner with local organizations and ministries who work with women in recovery to provide the women with a unique type of support upon re-entering their home. Homes and Havens helps furnish and decorate their space using trauma-informed design and creates healing spaces for women in recovery.

The women we work with now have a space that is beautiful, equipped, and peaceful –– and place where she can begin to rebuild her life, continue healing, and launch joyfully into a new beginning.