God Opened The Door ... To A New Studio!

If you have ever come over to my house, chances are you've witnessed large pieces of furniture in my dining room that I'm painting. Or if you've seen my carport, it resembles a furniture bank or garage sale with absolutely no room for any type of vehicle.

As this organization has grown, we've simply run out of space at my house.

It's been a good thing and hard thing -- a good thing because this is really taking off, and a hard thing because we couldn't afford anything to change our circumstances. So there have been several months of feeling like a woman who's 40 weeks pregnant and ready to explode.

But it's also been an opportunity to grow in patience and trust. I knew God saw my heart and my lack of space... it just came down to waiting for Him to provide relief.

And guys, HE DID.

I was going to get some groceries late one night when I passed this building with a "for lease" sign in the window. I don't know what made me call, but I did. This was back in June of this year and I briefly chatted with the landlord who seemed interested in Homes & Havens.


Long story short, after multiple conversations, they decided to lower the rent to something the organization could actually afford. I couldn't believe it! As they handed me the keys, I felt dizzy with joy and wonder over what God is doing.

And after a couple of weeks of painting (thanks to Green's Design & Supply for the paint!), decorating, and trying to turn this new space into a haven... it's coming together nicely.

Here are some before pictures:


And here are the afters:

What a beautiful, sweet gift from the Lord.

And now! What will we use this space for?


This will provide me a place to work away from the house, meet with clients and partners, and organize current haven projects we have going on.

Painting Studio

I have plenty of space to paint furniture now! I can store my paints here, paint several pieces at one time, and store the finished pieces here too.


There are two storage rooms in the back of the open space that we are storing furniture donations and other project items.

Occasional Pop-Up Shop

We are hoping to open the doors to the public a couple of times a month and sell beautifully made furniture and home goods. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for dates!


As we have decorated the space, a few people suggested renting the space out for birthday parties and baby showers. I love this idea! We have already had one baby shower there already! I'd love to host other events for local nonprofits too and share the space God has given us.

Thank you for celebrating with us.

Thank you to our supporters for helping us continue creating havens for women in need.

Also, thank you to Streeter Signs for the beautiful new signage on our windows!