"God knew having a warm inviting room would help me thrive..." - [ Katie's Story ]

In 2013, a drug addiction led me Bangor Maine and to the Lord. It was there that I met Peggy at Blessed Hope. After a year in the discipleship program, I graduated and returned to Chattanooga, TN.

Not long after returning to TN, I started making compromises and walked completely away from the Lord. During that time I also got married.

In September 2016 I found myself struggling with depression and alcohol and an ungodly marriage. Everyday I wished for death and drank more and more to numb the pain. I tried to take my own life thinking there was no way to escape the pain of the depression. Fortunately, my attempt failed and I knew I had to turn back to God.

So I contacted Peggy and came into the Renew program. Through my time in Renew I’ve watched God release me from the depression and alcoholism. In June my husband divorced me.  I was without a home and income. God provided me with amazing job in July and in August He provided me with home. I moved out of Renew and into a cute house with a sweet roommate from church.

My bedroom had dark gray walls and two windows. I was ok with it and excited to have my own room. When I started to paint it the color Kaysie suggested, it started to change. The light color warmed up the room and made it feel bigger.

Then Kaysie came and decorated it. It’s so beautiful! I only had a bed and dresser and she added so many beautiful things. It feels like a haven! I’m happy and cozy when I go to bed and wake up.

The thing that meant the most about this experience is knowing that God cares about the smallest details in my life. He knew having a warm inviting room would help me thrive in my new season of life. I love the lamps the most and the curtains. The really transform the room.

I feel like the room is my own and that I belong here, which makes such a huge difference in my life. It’s not just some space being rented out. It’s an expression of who I am with my favorite colors and the rustic style that I like.  It’s mine.

I think the whole process of working with Homes & Havens was great! Kaysie stayed in contact with me throughout the whole process and checked with me about some things and surprised me with others. It was fun and I’m so grateful for the whole experience!