"I walked in and felt complete peace..." - [ Stephanie's Story ]

I was raised in the church, but there was never an understanding of who Jesus was or an understanding of how He could love me. After a battle with addiction I was faced with the decision to either continue making the same horrible choices or to try something different. That is when I decided to go into Renew Ministries.

After completing the Renew program, my husband and I got a house and begin rebuilding our lives and our family. I felt very unorganized in this house, nothing had a place, and it did not feel like a home by any means, which was a reflection of my old life.

That's when I met Kaysie and Homes & Havens.

When I walked in to see my new home I felt complete peace and like I entered a home. I felt I had a fresh start with my family.

I love the way my living room feels when you walk in, it feels so cozy and welcoming. I also love my make-up room. I have never had a space of my own, and having it gives me an overwhelming feeling of self-worth.

It gives me comfort knowing that my family not has only a safe place to live, but a peaceful, and welcoming place.

I can’t think of one thing I could possibly change. I feel like the Homes & Havens' team were literally the hands and feet of Jesus going above what I could ever ask, think, or imagine.