100 Rooms

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into my first Homes & Havens client’s home. I felt nervous as heck, overwhelmingly unqualified, and doubtful I could offer any amount of real help to this precious woman and her family. I walked up the front steps carrying my newborn son in his carseat and my mind was swirling with doubts and fear — but like a holy echo, another voice would answer each doubt:

“I can’t do this.” “Do it anyway.”
“I don’t think I can do this.” “Try it anyway.”
“Why did I think I could do this?” “Because I told you to.”
“I have nothing to offer.” “Offer Me. And hold nothing back.”

Since that first consultation in September 2016, I’ve entered a lot of front doors with that same Voice whispering courage to me along the way. I’ve seen homes that were lifeless come alive, homes that were barren become filled, homes that were dark become bright with light, homes that felt cluttered and heavy become unburdened and brightened. I’ve seen miracles happen inside those front doors.

And today, at Love's Arm’s beautiful Rahab’s Rest, we finished our 100th room.

ONE HUNDRED ROOMS since I awkwardly, humbly, but expectantly started this thing two years ago.

One hundred rooms that hold people and stories and healing.
One hundred rooms that God entered and resurrected beauty where there was once brokenness. .
People sometimes ask me: “What made you start this? And how do you keep doing it?”

I serve a God of resurrection. He brings the dead to life. I simply follow Him inside all those front doors.

One hundred rooms? Amazing.

But, friends, we are just getting started.