"God gave me a room fit for a princess!" - [ Mia's Story ]

After being in a turbulent relationship that was going nowhere good, I ended up in a discipleship program in Chattanooga, TN. During one of my attempts to “fix” the relationship, I ended up renting out my condo and moving in with my boyfriend at the time. When things got bad, I lost everything I had in storage and was without a home.

While I was in Renew, the loss really didn’t hit me until I completed the program and moved out. It was then that I really had to face the reality that I had nothing at this point — no furniture and no home of my own. The Renew program helped me find a home with some girls from our church and that was a huge blessing — but I still had no bedroom furniture, not even a mattress of sheets or anything of my own.

I had lost everything. I literally had nothing…

The women at Renew never leave you high and dry, so they put me in contact with Kaysie.

She showed up with new sheets and a comforter, dresser and bedside table, some pictures and lamps, and literally transformed my then “empty bedroom” into a warm, cozy, princess-like room complete with a four-post bed that was donated by another very kind, loving member of our church.


My room was so empty before … but now it is literally a safe haven for me to start my new life with the knowledge of how much my Father in heaven loves me.

He loves me enough to provide me with a room fit for a princess!

At one point in my life I did have beautiful things around me but my life was so empty. Losing everything helped me see how important and pivotal the body of Christ really is — and not only have they brought me beautiful things, but more importantly they have loved me and helped me rebuild. Their hearts are far more beautiful than anything they could possibly give…

Because of the body of Christ, I have seen God’s love displayed so beautifully and lovingly in this process, most vividly in the safe haven I get to call “home.”