"I finally have a home!" - [ Natalie and Shannon's Story ]

Natalie’s Story

An eight-year drug addiction had taken everything from me and eventually left me homeless.

I would hop from house to house, hotel to hotel, and sometimes I just stayed outside on the streets. Needless to say, I had honestly forgotten what it felt like to have a home.

But about two years ago, I entered a women’s discipleship ministry where I met Jesus and my life completely changed!

A few weeks ago I finally moved out into my own apartment, but it was empty and definitely not a “home.” I remember praying about it and reminding myself that God would add the pieces together in His time.

A couple of days later, I came home from work and God did more than I could have ever imagined through Kaysie and good Homes & Havens!

I finally have a home! I actually want to be home now instead of just finding a place to sleep. When I walk in my front door, I feel at peace and secure. Kaysie even put my promise verse on a canvas above my bed which means SO much especially on the hard days. It really helps when I lay down to sleep.

I love all the encouraging cute pictures that are scattered on the walls in our new place, sometimes you just need those good reminders! But my favorite part of the house is my cute coffee set up!! I love having my coffee in the morning and it just my day off right along with my devotions.

Shannon’s Story

Before entered the Renew program, I was homeless and living in my car, a 1998 Saturn SL1.

When God brought me to Renew it was like living in a mansion. I had never stepped foot in such a nice house before.

But when I completed Renew and Natalie and I first moved into our apartment, it felt really lonely and actually reminded me of an apartment I used to live in when I was around 19 years old with an ex boyfriend of mine, because it was empty.

We loved the apartment but to me it felt lonely and sad. It didn’t feel like a home.

Now it does, thanks to Kaysie! When I walked in the front door, I cried. I love being in my apartment since you decorated it.