Join us for Home Camp!

OCTOBER 18th-19th, 2019


Home Camp is a home decorating boot camp for women who want to learn how to transform any space into a haven!

During this weekend experience, you will be inspired and instructed by Homes & Haven’s founder, Kaysie Strickland, on how to create a beautiful home that outlasts trends and protects what’s most sacred to you. Approachable, mission-focused, fun, and hands-on, this home decorating camp will
leave you inspired and confident to tackle any space.

Here’s what past attendees had to say about Home Camp:

“I loved what Kaysie shared at Home Camp. It took the pressure off for me in my home.”

“Very applicable. Loved the focus on purpose and not perfection. I felt like we were given permission to follow God's lead and our own likes and that was freeing.”

“I was blown away by this experience. It’s an event that is truly needed in Chattanooga. I personally have dealt with all the issues that an actual client of Homes and Havens would go through but to be part of the other side was surreal for me. It felt like I had come full circle. It felt like a very safe environment and the diversity of women involved was very special. I felt like I could be vulnerable in this environment and learn new things. It was a very special weekend, indeed!”

Home Camp dates are set for October 18th-19th, sessions start Friday night at 6pm-9pm, then Saturday morning 10am-3pm.